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Investment independence

As an investment company, APK Vorsorgekasse AG is autonomous and 100% independent of banks.

Additionally, its investment independence is fully guaranteed because

  • all relevant data are gathered and assessed by a separate, professional and external information system, completely independent of capital investment companies and the depositary bank.
  • APK Vorsorgekasse AG investment procedures conform to the system for which APK Pensionskasse AG has repeatedly received awards from an international evaluation panel and from the internationally top-ranking financial journal Investment & Pension Europe.
  • the fact that there is no connection of any kind between APK Vorsorgekasse AG personnel (members of the board, employees) and potential business partners not only guarantees due monitoring of the services provided by the capital investment company but also explicitly precludes any insider trading from the very start.

APK Vorsorgekasse AG provides the best possible conditions for authorised parties to manage the investment process without any outside interference and to guarantee the best market conditions for the purchase/sale of any single security or fund. Additionally, personnel independence safeguards that the monitoring of external partners (such as a capital investment company or the depositary bank) by APK Vorsorgekasse AG is completely impartial and only committed to protecting our clients’ interests.