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Investment Advisory Board

The APK Vorsorgekasse AG general Investment Advisory Board is made up of representatives of our clients – representatives of the employers and members of the works council bodies. At its six-monthly meetings, the Investment Advisory Board discusses investment results of the previous six months and expectations for the future.

In the interest of comprehensive information, specific reports are submitted about investment activities and concomitant risks. A separate item covered by the Investment Advisory Board deals with the sustainable investment of client capital. The third item on the agenda covers current business developments in the overall market of the corporate staff and self-employment provision funds as well as the key performance indicators of APK Vorsorgekasse AG to facilitate providing clients with a comprehensive picture of the growth of the field as a whole, and of their contractual partner.

As a final item, dependent on circumstances, statutory modifications, recently introduced organisational changes and improvements to customer services are discussed. In summary, the APK Vorsorgekasse AG’s Investment Advisory Board performs two essential functions: it provides relevant information to the clients and facilitates interaction with APK Vorsorgekasse AG as well as with other clients.