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Customer support

Telephone services

We do not use the services of a call centre for giving competent advice. Each call is directed to a qualified APK Vorsorgekasse AG employee. Every year, we deal with 25,000 calls from clients. We focus on the quality of individual conversations as well as on minimising waiting times in a queue. Highly qualified personnel ensure that the first phone-call provides a client with all the details required. Average waiting times on the phone do not exceed six seconds, which is a pleasant surprise to our clients and which also eclipses the standards of similar financial service providers.

"The high degree of service orientation at APK is remarkable. Here, also questions generally considered somewhat delicate or tricky will receive honest and comprehensive answers." Ewald Haslinger, Member of the employee council, TU Vienna

Online access and app

As the first retirement provision fund in Austria, we offer our clients the chance to access information about their severance entitlement by means of a dedicated app. Access data to our online portal as well as to our app (APK Vorsorgekasse) can be found in the welcome letter and on the first page of your statement of account (posted during Q1).

Here is a chance for you to appraise the app via a specimen access (email:, password: muster2019). The sums paid in on behalf of our clients are shown on a monthly basis. Likewise, the accrued severance entitlement, and the current investment returns we managed to achieve on behalf of our clients, are updated every month.

Contacts and accessing information

In our endeavour to streamline our customer services, our website also provides a chat facility (during office hours) which allows you to contact our qualified customer support direct.

Transparency is more than a catchword with us – that’s why we make every effort to offer a maximum of information on our website. The most important facts and data, in the shape of brief summaries and updates, may be downloaded at any time via the Download button.

We also provide our clients with important information by means of a Newsletter issued several times a year.

Lowest administrative costs

Right from the start, APK Vorsorgekasse AG placed particular emphasis on keeping costs for our clients to a minimum. Every year, we aim to furnish clear and transparent proof of our least-cost leadership. As of 2020, administrative costs for all our clients will amount to 1.3% on all contributions.

We reduce costs from day one and not after years. Our motive: All clients benefit from lowest costs. As an additional advantage, all fees for transferring any pension expectancies accumulated previously will be quashed in 2020.