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Social responsibility

Employee participation

Within the APK Group, employee participation in the core company APK Vorsorgekasse AG has been in place since 2010:

  • 90 employees hold approximately 2,700 shares
  • bundling of voting rights, but individual share ownership

In all its activities, the APK Group is aware of its comprehensive responsibility towards: its stakeholders, its employees, and society at large. For this reason, management and employee council of APK Group have, since 2008, jointly developed an innovative concept: APK Group employees are entitled to participate in the company through share ownership. The innovative approach of bundling voting rights in a non-profit association aims to advance and protect their interests; at the same time the employees, as individual shareholders, should benefit from the success of the APK Group in the shape of dividends.

Currently, APK Group comprises five companies with ca. 100 employees. Voting rights on the capital stock of APK Pensionskasse AG amount to 1.8%.

“To us, sustainability also signifies a prudent balance of interests among all company stakeholders. Mutual understanding facilitates maintaining this balance. Bundling voting rights in our non-profit association lends more weight to sustainable ideas than would be feasible for isolated individuals.”

Josef Gilgen, chair of the “Association of APK Group Employees"

“Highly motivated employees are priceless assets to any enterprise. The APK Group model seems a fitting measure to enable employees to benefit from the fruits of their efforts.”

Sabine Haslehner, chair of the employee council.