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Registering with, and switchover to, APK Vorsorgekasse AG

These are the main steps in selecting a corporate staff and self-employment provision fund.

Registering with a staff and self-employment provision fund

Please note that it is mandatory for you to select a corporate staff and self-employment provision fund within six months of starting work as an independent contractor.

  1. Filling out an Application for Membership form
    Please send the completed and signed Application for Membership Contract to APK Vorsorgekasse AG, Stahlstrasse 2-4, 4020 Linz, or email a scanned copy to

    Important: Please remember to enclose a copy of valid photo ID.
  2. Notification of your social security institution
    On receipt of your completed documents, we will notify the relevant social security institution of your membership. On receiving a positive response, we will send you the contract countersigned by us.
  3. Contributions
    From the start of your mandatory health insurance, you pay your contribution to the self-provision fund direct to the Social Security Institution for the Self-Employed (SVS). SVS will then forward your contributions to APK Vorsorgekasse AG.

Switchover to APK Vorsorgekasse AG

Please note the statutory notice periods applicable to self-employment provision funds:

  • Without exception, notice to terminate a contract with your current self-employment provision fund is only possible as per December 31.
  • The notice period applicable to your current self-employment provision fund is six months, hence notice must be given by June 30 at the latest.
  • Termination of the contract by mutual agreement, or giving notice immediately after being assigned a self-employment provision fund, is possible up to September 30.


In addition to the above membership application form, you only need to forward your signed notice of termination to us.

Important information

For the remainder of the current calendar year, your membership of the present self-employment provision fund remains valid. 

Up to December 31, payments by SVS are forwarded to your current self-employment fund. Contributions for the new calendar year will then be forwarded to APK Vorsorgekasse AG. Your accrued severance pay entitlement, conditional on continued self-employed activity, will be transferred at the beginning of the new calendar year by your current corporate staff and self-employment fund to APK Vorsorgekasse AG.