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APK Vorsorgekasse

As an important player in the financial market we create sustainable value added for our clients. We stand for security, transparency, competency and innovation, and thus endeavour to justify the trust placed in us by thousands of people. Our firm commitment to sustainable investment is not only part of our mission statement, it is also reflected in our investment concept and publicly disclosed.

That's our mission.

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Bürostandort Wien: Thomas-Klestil-Platz 13 (ORBI Tower)

Ab 9. Mai 2022 dürfen wir Sie wieder an unserem Firmensitz im ORBI Tower, Thomas-Klestil-Platz 13, 1030 Wien, begrüßen.

APK Vorsorgekasse ist beste und innovativste Vorsorgekasse

Das Magazin „Der Börsianer“ kürt die APK Vorsorgekasse AG erneut als „Beste Vorsorgekasse 2021“ und als „Innovativste Vorsorgekasse 2021“.

APK Vorsorgekasse unterzeichnet Montréal Pledge

Mit der Unterzeichnung des Montréal Pledge intensivieren wir unserer Anstrengungen zum Klimaschutz.

APK newsletter

APK Vorsorgekasse - Newsletter on current issues:

  • GOLD-certificate by OEGUT for sustainable investment
  • Update on the capital market
  • News regarding our updated app and our online portal

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Information materials & downloads

The Federal Act on Corporate Staff and Self-Employment Provision (BMSVG) empowers prospective beneficiaries to transfer their accumulated severance pay entitlement to the respective current corporate staff provision fund, provided no contributions have been paid into the previous corporate staff provision fund for more than three years.

Further information

We operate on the basis of the provisions of the BMSVG:

All federal laws can be accessed unabridged via the Legal Information System (RIS)

Here you can find important information as well as downloads posted by the Financial Market Authority pertaining to corporate staff and self-employment provision funds in Austria