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Risk management

Risk management is an essential part of the APK Vorsorgekasse’s comprehensive investment concept. It is conducted pursuant to Section 30, BMSVG (Corporate Staff and Self-employment Act), while preserving all interests of those with vested rights and paying special attention to security, profitability, liquidity and diversification of assets. The Risk Management team constantly monitors compliance with both statutory investment regulations and the investment directives approved by the board.

Risk Management is a central and organisationally independent unit within APK Vorsorgekasse, reporting to the board.

The tasks of Risk Management comprise coordination, standardisation, implementation and continuous monitoring of the risk management process. This process encompasses risk policies, risk analyses, risk management, risk assessment as well as risk documentation and risk communication. In its choice of risk management methods it is guided by state-of-the art technology and science.

APK Vorsorgekasse’s Risk Management seeks to identify any investment risks at the earliest possible moment, to quantify and to manage them. The list of potential risks comprises:

  • market risks
  • interest risks
  • credit risks, including country and issuer-related risks
  • currency risks
  • liquidity risks
  • operational and technological risks
  • risk concentrations

Timely identification, prevention or rectification of potential procedural risks, both operational and technological, are among the core tasks of APK Vorsorgekasse’s Risk Management, together with systematic and structured monitoring of all external risks.