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Sustainable Investment

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SRI - Socially Responsible Investment

When investing our clients’ capital, we set ourselves a number of goals: Security of the invested capital sums is paramount. At the same time, we exercise utmost care to maximise yields while minimising risks. When choosing among comparable investments, we unfailingly opt for the one that is preferable from the point of view of sustainability. Hence, security, yield and sustainability are the three criteria any investment must meet before we take it into consideration on behalf of our clients.





APK Σ – the sustainable investment concept of APK Vorsorgekasse AG

Sustainability plays an essential role in the entire APK Vorsorgekasse AG portfolio.

We view sustainability in its economic, societal and ecological dimensions.
This underpins our sustainable investment policy, which is reflected in the following concept.



Certified sustainable funds

Sustainable investment is also reflected in the external certification of the assets under management. Especially with regard to monies invested in enterprises, we strive to safeguard as high a standard as possible. Among the funds incorporated into our investment portfolio, seven boast the Eco-label. Six of them are APK Vorsorgekasse AG special funds, the seventh is a vehicle used by several institutional investors.

The Austrian Eco-label was awarded by the Austrian Ministry of the Environment to these seven funds because ecological and social criteria are taken into consideration when selecting equities and bonds, not only economic ones.

The Eco-label is proof that these criteria, and their implementation, safeguard the selection of suitable equities or bonds. The award of the Eco-label does not in itself constitute an economic assessment and does not allow any conclusions as to the future value of a financial product. 






The ÖGUT certificate - a seal of approval of sustainable investment

In the course of the sustainability certification of corporate staff and self-employment provision funds, ÖGUT (Austrian Association for Technology and Environment) monitors their principles and criteria for investment, and whether, in the period under review, investments were indeed governed by sustainability considerations.

This process also includes an analysis of the transparency and the communication of this commitment to sustainability. In the certification process, also eco-related company policies, management-staff relationships, and corporate citizenship play an important role.

For the first time, APK Vorsorgekasse AG applied for ÖGUT certification in 2016. Since 2017 it has been awarded the certificate in silver.

rfu - sustainability consulting

rfu – Mag. Reinhard Friesenbichler Unternehmensberatung advises APK Vorsorgekasse AG with regard to a sustainable orientation of our portfolio. In this, the entire process, from strategic conceptualisation to the establishment of criteria and their embedding in the investment process, is analysed and optimised. The investment guidelines, drafted collaboratively, comprise general principles of sustainability, exclusion and inclusion criteria, sustainability categories and portfolio segments, integration into the investment process, and rating and controlling procedures.





Monitoring of the carbon footprint by yourSRI

At the end of 2015, the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris agreed on the target to limit global warming to well below 2°C – ideally to 1.5°C – above pre-industrial temperatures. Emission of greenhouse gases is one of the main factors in global warming.

For a number of years now, APK Vorsorgekasse has instructed its independent partner yourSRI to check the emission levels of all enterprises in which the investment group holds shares. The 2019 annual report shows that all three key performance indicators of the portfolio point to an improvement vis-à-vis the previous year: relative carbon footprint -16%, carbon intensity -6%, weighted average carbon intensity -9%.

By adopting this operational investment approach, APK Vorsorgekasse contributes to the reduction of global CO2 emissions.