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Merging Accounts

Pursuant to Section 17, para 2a, Federal Act on Corporate Staff and Self-Employment Provision (BMSVG), prospective beneficiaries can exercise the option to transfer their severance pay entitlement to their current corporate and self-provision fund, provided that no contributions have been paid into their previous provision fund for more than three years. We will be pleased to assist our clients with this transfer.

ADVANTAGES of a transfer to APK Vorsorgekasse AG:

  • Your entire severance pay entitlement at one glance.
  • One single contact for issues relating to the severance entitlement.
  • Tax-free transfer, with no expenses incurred.
  • Notifications from a single provision fund only.
  • Lowest costs and competent customer care.

Feel free to send the form to us at any time, e.g. via Email to We will deal with all further steps for you.

Form required to merge accounts